Why Reupholster Your Sofa Instead of Buying New?

  • Fit: Your sofa is the perfect size for your room - not too big, not too small. If you love your sofa, why not updated with new materials and make it look like new and match your new decor..
  • Value:  You found the perfect piece an original Mid-century, Danish or Art Deco furniture. It’s valuable and timeless; irreplaceable! Restore it  with new fabric or foam.
  • Sentiment:  You just love that chair your mother gave you ten years ago. How can you replace it? With reupholstery, you don’t have to. You can breathe new life into that chair and enjoy it for many more years.
  • Quality:  Sometimes that sofa that you’ve been holding onto for years has a high quality frame, quality you probably can’t replace without breaking your budget. When the frame and springs of your furniture are top quality, changing the fabric and fill, will make it look like new.
  • Kids and Pets: Your furniture will suffer wear and tear from a variety of sources, such as dirty hands or scratching pets. From time to time, your sofa will need replacing. Reupholstery can make your sofa look like new!
Regardless of the reason, you’ll find reupholstering your furniture is a great value.  So the next time your ready for a new look, why not think about reupholstering your old one first? 

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