At V & V Furniture Design We offer high end, high quality pieces that are designed to last. In keeping with that concept, we offer a limited lifetime warranty for each piece you purchase from us, as long as you own the furniture.

What is covered?

 We cover the essentially the entire piece including:

Local Transportation of the item/s

Frame and Springs:

We will repair or replace any defective spring of frame for life
(as long as you own the piece)


We cover collapse up to 5 years.


Warranted for 3 years against manufactures defects

Mattress and Air Bladder:

1 Year

How do we define "Lifetime"?

Lifetime means for as long as you own the product. This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover intentional misuse or abuse. It is only for furniture used in residential environments.

And still more protection:

It's also comforting to know whatever the issue, we can make your Hand Crafted Product like new.

All the details for each piece we craft (Leather, Color, Style, Stitching, ornamentation) are kept on file. If something should happen, just contact us. We'll help you make it new again.

Ultimate protection:

Because accidents happen, we offer a 5 year accidental protection plan that protects you against events not covered under manufacturers defect warranty such as: stains caused by food, drink, household cleaners, ink marks, burns, tears, and punctures. Ask your V&V Furniture Specialist for program specifics.

Please note the following:
When your furniture arrives you must inspect everything carefully, if cartons are damaged even in the slightest, you must inform us. Please inspect everything thoroughly, if there are any damages to your piece, immediately bring it to the drivers attention Take pictures and send it back or contact us immediately. Do not sign anything from the driver until you have inspected the merchandise thoroughly. We will not be able to process a claim without a photograph. We ask that you notify us within 48 hours of receiving your product to request an exchange for the same item.